This training will build on the initial "Tips & Tricks" training, which provided an overview of behavioral health needs specific to children and youth. In this course, you will be provided in-depth information on culturally competent care, family-centered care, identifying and reporting child abuse, frequent mental health needs of adolescents, and care coordination with primary care providers. Following this training, you will be invited to apply for our Behavioral Health Cadre. The cadre will be made available to local schools as a consultation resource. 

This course takes approximately eight (8) hours to complete. 

Nebraska Building Resilience course.

Congratulations! You are taking a step towards personal resilience by going through this video series. This journey beings with a short survey that includes a "brief resilience scale" allowing you to assess your personal resilience right now. Resilience can be modified so this is just a snapshot of where you see yourself today. Your score will be shown to you at the end of the survey. We are not asking for your name, so don't worry about anyone else knowing your score.

After the survey, you will have the opportunity to view three videos. With each video there are handouts (PDF) you can download. Two of them include fillable forms that you will be asked to complete. Pauses are built into each video so you have time to complete the exercises.

Part 1: Resilience (27 minutes)
Part 2: Coping Tools (49 minutes)
Part 3: Helping Others (15 minutes)

You will be asked to complete another brief survey about how satisfied you were with the videos at conclusion of the final video.

Direct questions about this project to either Dr. Denise Bulling
or Peg Ogea-Ginsburg

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Welcome to the Nebraska Psychological First Aid Online Refresher Course!  

This course is designed to review some of the skills you learned in a previous PFA course, or give you necessary just-in-time training if you have been asked to deploy to a disaster or emergency. This course also provides new information about deployment and working with a team. This course benefits both those who have already taken an in-person PFA training as well as those that require just-in-time training prior to deployment.